Fruit Net - Black

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  • The metal fruit net is an ingenious invention that had elegantly solved the problem of fruits jostling around in a bowl.
  • It is a finely woven mesh of aliminum wires that cradled each fruit within its own individual pocket.
  • The mesh is just wide enough to allow air circulation, which helped keep the fruits fresh for longer periods.

  • But what makes the metal fruit net truly unique is the way it looks with agate stone embellishments.
  • The metal net gives the container a premium look and feel.

  • And if the metal fruit net is a thing of beauty, the accompanying metal plate is its perfect companion.
  • The plate is sleek, round, and hasslight high edges that keepsthe fruits from rolling off.
  • The matte finish of the flat surface contrasts nicely with the grooved texture of the metal net.

  • Together, the metal fruit net and plate is the perfect centerpiece for any kitchen or dining table.

  • The metal fruit net and plate is a wonderful invention that blends form and function seamlessly.
  • They are a testament to the ingenuity of modern design, and the power of simplicity to transform the mundane into something beautiful.

Fruit Net - Black - The Home Co.
Fruit Net - Black Sale priceRs. 2,499.00 Regular priceRs. 4,000.00


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Metal > Aluminium


Fruit Net - 12" Dia X 9.5" Plate - 12"Dia X 0.5"